Sunday, January 16, 2011

oh yeah, this too

mostly, i do not have to challenge myself to be kind to those lovely souls who walk with me and by me on this path.  but there are a few areas where kindness escapes me and my reaction to some people can be quite harsh.  this year, i really want to work on this.  and this resolution is totally selfish.  i am not yet so enlightened to genuinely believe that these folks deserve kindness (maybe sometime in my life...), i just do not like the way i feel about myself after i snap someone's head off with sarcasm or employ a devasting stink-eye.

here's where i'm especially challenged (and i fear by putting this out here, i'm inviting loads of new opportunities to practice!):
  • people who "kill with kindness".  wow, this segment has developed a whole new meaning since living in the south.  this special strain of passive-aggression is woven into the culture. 
  • people who can't just put it out there and talk around the issue.  say it already.
  • people who talk on their cell phones while driving.
  • also, people who drive huge vehicles and attempt to park in regular parking spaces.
  • people who play dumb.
  • people who should know better.
  • people who have no concept of personal space.
  • people who are chronically late.
  • people who are helpless and refuse to find the answers for themselves.
okay, as i type this list, i realize i have quite the challenge ahead.  it's entirely possible i've bitten off more than i can chew.  my hope is that i develop an actual ability to be compassionate toward those who push my buttons.