Friday, January 14, 2011

good friday

today is most awesome because:
  • i took the day off of work
  • i caught up on my dream lab assignments
  • i got to take the morning yoga class (so much better than the afternoon for me!)
  • in camel, i told myself, "it's okay to fall back and let your heart open."  and i did.
  • i mailed my squam registration and got to wish for my dream cabin mates
  • i resisted purchasing an embroidered floral dress that was incredibly marked down.  because really people, the last thing in the world i need is another embroidered floral/bohemian/exotic anything!
  • i had lemon cake with a scoop of lemon gelato for lunch
  • the winter sun just gently warmed my eyes open at the end of my nap
  • the day's only half over
why can't every day be like this?  i hope your fridays are the awesomest too.