Sunday, January 22, 2012

good good things

  • i spent my saturday afternoon in a house full of happiness.  beautiful people aged one month to seventy-or-so years gathered to celebrate the second birthday of the most precious little girl.  it's nourishing to be surrounded by healthy happy children and moms and dads who are loving, attentive and conscientious parents (provides a nice balance to my job).  there was a lot of playing and laughing and piñata engineering.  oh and ice cream cake.
  • today i am off to the d.c. area for a weeklong training to be a certified myers-briggs tester/facilitator.  i'm very excited about this!  have you done the myers-briggs?  what's your type? i'm an intj.
  • thrilled that my hotel is next door to a whole foods and within easy distance of everything else i love:  yoga, anthro, papersource.  papersource!!!  it will be good to be in the city for a few days.
  • the coaching is going well!  my first week has been full of awareness and small-but-life-altering steps to wellness.  i love my coach.  she is intuitive and genuine and smart and funny.  her name is meg.  do you know her?  if not, get to know her.  you can thank me later.
  • the year of the dragon starts this week!  i am a dragon baby.  and a sagittarius.  and an intj.  go figure.
  • what is good with you?