Monday, January 16, 2012

winterlove {№3}

i love the light that streams through our windows on sunny winter days.  there are loads of trees surrounding our home and the light is filtered with leaves the rest of the year.  but for now until about the middle of april, i'm enjoying the bright clear light.

i crank up the electric blanket, brew myself a cup of tea and settle under the sheets with a good book.  winter's pace gives me freedom to really slow down and rest.  i don't feel the same pressure to do as i often feel in warmer months.

the weekend doesn't feel long enough.  i'm still waiting for a nice safe snow day.  on monday, i had the dogs and my laptop in bed with me and watched all seven episodes of downton abbey, season one.  have you seen this?  i'm obsessed.  i haven't thrown myself this far into a television show since sex and the city.  i'm all caught up now and can't wait for sunday night to see what happens next.