Saturday, January 28, 2012

my intj week

this week i got certified to administer and train the myers-briggs type indicator.  it was a great training and i met some really great people.  but i'm a homebody and i don't like being away from home for more than a few days, so i'm happy to be back.  here are a few things i did completely in line with my type, which is intj (introverted, intuition, thinking, judging):

at the end of each (very full) day, i had to sneak out before people started making dinner plans with each other.  i needed space and time to recharge.  i needed to be alone, even in a crowd of strangers.  i loved the training and liked the people, but that didn't matter.  all energy i had for interaction was drained.  each night, i took myself to dinner and did a little shopping.  (introverted)

my favorite new place is sweetgreen.  i love the vibe in the space and the organic and local salads.  i am now on a mad hunt for at least one of those bright yellow metal french chairs.  and they do a little trick which is helpful for greens-avoidant types like me:  they put the good stuff (the grilled chicken, avocado, etc.) underneath the greens in the bowl.  that way you have to make your way through the greens to get to the goods.  i love this idea because i typically eat the top part of my salad and leave most of the greens. 

at papersource, i got a smash journal and accoutrement (thanks liz!), some paper and art stuff.  my "inferior" preference is sensing (practical, real, hands-on, concrete) so the art supplies will help me develop there...putting my ideas (intuition) into action making something (sensing).  we learned a lot about how our type should ideally develop over our lifetime and in true j fashion, i started making a plan to develop my sensing function.  in true n fashion, i imagine the art will be quite fabulous, because you should see it in my head.

working on my poor inferior sensing function has been added to my list of resolutions.  one of the things i learned this week that rang so true for me is that as an n (intuitive), things are, were and always will be better in my own imagination.  this is why i am frequently disappointed in vacations and other experiences.   while i adore and can't imagine going without my rich internal world, this consequence of the n type has always bothered me.  so i will be focusing a lot on the present and being in the actual experience.