Thursday, January 5, 2012

winterlove {№1}

so instead of going into hibernation mode (read:  an unconscious seasonal stupor) this winter, i'm going to try to stay present and really appreciate the gifts of this much-maligned time of year.

up until tuesday, this has pretty much been a breeze.  the weather has been unusually sunny and almost warm.  i went barefoot outside on new year's eve.  my neighbors are still peddling bikes around our little downtown.  i've worn a coat three times. 

i want to indulge in winter's traditional sensory pleasures:  fires, hot soups, wooly socks, writing love notes on windows with my finger, snowball fights.  i want to get outside and see it and touch it and smell it.

i want to take full advantage of the spiritual jobs of winter:  resting, reflecting, observing, planning, healing.  

i want to embrace the winterness of it all.