Tuesday, August 25, 2015

oh HELLO you

how is summer going?

you know those days when the little things light you up, when you just can't believe how lucky you are, even when there are not-so-great things happening too?

i'm there.

here's why (in no particular order):

  • i get to paint.  in my home.  in my yard.   the mountains.  
  • my yoga teachers who, without saying a word, make me believe i will soon press up into a headstand or balance my body on my arms.  who make me believe i am capable.
  • this smart and handsome and loving man i share life with.
  • my buddha dogs.
  • my baby girl.  she breathes fire.
  • it's almost autumn.
  • a growing community of authentic in-person friends.
  • the job that supports all the artmaking and colorful living, that i love too much to continue to refer to as my "day job".
  • sometimes people ask me to draw and paint for them.
  • there is a bunny living in our front yard.
  • which kind of tells me the snake has moved on to another habitat.  
  • my news hiatus is now permanent.  never felt better or more intelligently informed.
  • rainbow-stripe sneakers.
  • music makers.

some days i'm all, how did this happen?

most days i'm all, oh yeah, you worked really hard on creating a life you love.

what is lighting you up these days?

Friday, August 21, 2015

the ghost of you

your salacious breath
exhales slow like midnight fog
rolling slow and heavy over flesh
like indigo blue ink
it spreads and pools in the apertures
permanently staining
the outline of me.