soul studio art+yoga

this dream has been swirling around for years within my inner landscape.  as i slowly bring it to life, with the love and support of so many amazing teachers, i've experienced a few setbacks that have taught me so much about who i am and what i value and the people with whom i am most connected.

(ahem, thank you setbacks.)

my focus is trauma-informed, empathy-based, inclusive yoga.  the more i study (in my yoga teacher journey and in my professional work as a social work teacher), i believe more and more that "trauma-informed" yoga is actually human heart-informed yoga.  each of us brings our tender human heart to the mat. each of us deserves recognition, sensitivity, empathy, patience, kindness, safety and the opportunity to explore, heal and grow on the mat.  i want to create and hold space where our primary focus is on the full expression of the heart, rather than the full expression of the pose (we'll work on progress in postures too, of course).

i am creating a trauma-informed art and yoga program for girls who may not have access to traditional yoga classes, girls who survive on the periphery of this beautiful life for different reasons.

theirs are the tender hearts that that i wish to meet on the mat.

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