(portrait by my friend, the lovely mindy lacefield)

hello.  nice to meet you.

i named my blog curious girl because when i was little i was always trying to make sense of the world, how things got to be as they were, and the things people do.  always looking things up in books, asking way too many questions, silently pondering, lost in wonder and imagination for hours on end, my curiosity always led to clarity, beauty, another conundrum, understanding, connection.  

here is a list of some things that i like:
  • yoga
  • color
  • roadtrips
  • poetry
  • belly laughs
  • mexican food
  • farmer's markets
  • california (my home state)
  • virginia (my adopted state)
  • history
  • truthtellers
  • margaritas
  • stargazing
  • tidepools
  • roadside diners
  • getting messy with art
  • the myers-briggs (i'm an intj:  introvert, intuitive, thinking, judging)
  • dogs (we share our home with wire fox terrier luca, corgi simon, and terrier kiki)
  • our beautiful quirky colorful home (we call her gypsy hill)
  • my garden
  • stories (especially those that are read aloud)
  • india
  • the forest
  • radical empathy
  • i love food and i love cooking.  i try to eat organic and close to the source but i'm not a fanatic about it.
  • i am lucky to be able to work part-time (on-the-road and from home) teaching child protective services social workers the various aspects of the work.  i also get to teach a global child abuse class at randolph college once in a while.  
  • i am an artist and am particularly fond of smushing around color to express mood and story (aka expressive art and/or intuitive art).
  • i teach trauma-informed yoga, yoga for all bodies (and abilities), and meditation.
  • i am currently finishing up my 500-hr yoga teacher training.
  • i'm working to combine a few loves of my life (social work, yoga, and art) into a program that brings the healing powers of yoga and art to those who may not have access to or feel comfortable in a traditional yoga studio.  watch us grow here.  
my work and life have been shared here:

artful blogging, spring 2009
mabel magazine, fall 2015
inner alchemy, by mindy tsonas (guest contributor), spring 2016
tools & talismans, by liz kalloch, spring 2016
blossom magazine, winter 2017 (feature on tools & talismans)

sometimes i write tiny memoirs, if you would like to read them, click here.

you can see the kind of things i like on pinterest.

also tumblr...for a random visual tour of all that makes me happy.

there's also twitter.  but i have to tell you that you will be disappointed in my level of twittering.