Sunday, June 30, 2013

wellness reminder at the kitchen window

"i shall recognize all disease as the result of my transgressions against health laws and i shall try to undo the evil by right eating, by less eating, by fasting, by more exercise, and by right thinking."
- paramahansa yogananda

Friday, June 28, 2013


daisies and paisleys



+a shack-y roadside greenhouse

+strawberry ice cream

+a blue ganesh


+supersize photographs

+pickled red onions

+one talkative donkey


+more paisley

+basil (and rosemary and chives and squash blossoms)

=one good month.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

suddenly: this summer

  • hiking.  x10.
  • homemade honey ice cream.
  • hulahooping.
  • dollywood.
  • swim in the ocean.
  • something with the squash blossoms.
  • plant a wildflower meadow down by the stream.
  • shakespeare.  outdoors.
  • eat every last bit of the weekly c.s.a. produce.
  • yoga festival.
  • make a little free library.
  • ride our bikes on the creeper trail from abingdon to damascus and back.
  • celebrate starry nights, fireflies, cicadas, (little) thunderstorms, hammock naps, the bomb pop and backyard campfires.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

color and the city {№3}


marianne elliott was in the city on her book tour and we got to hear her tell stories from zen under fire.

hell's kitchen flea:  reflections of sky and scrapers and pucci.

a fortune teller in union square.

the citibike program was the most-talked-about issue during our visit.  it was only in its second week.  as the days went on i saw more and more people taking advantage of the blue bicycles to tool about town. click here to see what jon stewart has to say about the program and have a laugh.

what's not to love about a city full of dogs and food?

twilight walk on the highline.  a must.

new york is a city of languages.  all of them, i bet.

not sure why the need for a carnival in the middle of central park with its acres of rolling grass, duck ponds and zoo.  but still, a carnival!

i love the energy of the west village most of all.  i believe that i shall live here in my next life.

or maybe this one.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

color and the city {the instagrams}

i wandered around the american museum of natural history for a good part of one whole day.  this is an unusually quiet moment as i was sharing the museum with about two thousand new york city school children.  it was good to see kids get excited about rocks and things.

we were in the city for ten days and it only rained once.  for about twelve hours.  torrentially.  like umbrellas-turned-inside-out-and-ankle-deep-puddles torrential.  exploring was not interrupted.  not for one second.

fashion district wall o' ribbon.

i shot about a hundred photos of subway tile.  because you've just got to celebrate good signage.  it's totally a thing of the past.

minerals are pretty.

i escaped the crowds on 5th and experienced peace and awe and mass at st. pat's.

next visit i am going to find all the murals.  all of them.

of all the jaw-dropping-amazingness at moma, this one was my favorite.  spanish head composition by george condo, 1988.

Friday, June 14, 2013

color and the city {№2}

color and pockets of peace in the city.

and tiny b rides the c train.

(part one here.)