Wednesday, June 3, 2009

but dude, it's wednesday

I know, but I love rosie music's art so much, I couldn't wait until monday to post a mosaic. my favorite is the little band on wood. and there are t-shirts too!


yesterday I was on the phone with an e.r. doctor about a child abuse case. we recognized instantly from our voices that both of us came from other places and had somehow landed in this sleepy little southern town. I was thinking he was from somewhere in the vicinity of the west coast and then he said it: "dude, let me check." california. no doubt.

here's the funny thing: I was absolutely delighted! for the rest of the day! I have become so used to being called ma'am, sugar, honey, buttercup, or any other of the thousands of sticky sweet southern endearments. it was so refreshing to hear the mother tongue. I haven't been called dude (except by my daughter) in almost ten years.

happy wednesday friends.