Thursday, June 11, 2009

five questions

oh how I love a curious girl! beautiful susannah (via lovely penny) posed five questions for blog readers. I had to sit on mine for a while and think. I'm curious about your answers to these questions, so think and post away and let us know in comments if you've published.

1. tell me three things you want to do before the year ends.

oh my gosh, I have got to get a handle on my "closet". I ran out of clothes/shoes/handbag room about three years ago and we cleared out a guest room and started storing them there. we've finally decided to officially make the room a closet. last weekend, I started the monumental task of sorting and hanging everything (on the 300 new perfect wooden hangers that I love, love, love!). as I was working, I realized that I have become quite the hoarder when it comes to clothes. at about one-third completion, the count is intriguing: 18 plain white tees, 12 pair of jeans, 31 graphic tees (!), 13 oversized handbags and 33 tops with assorted colorful paisley, polka-dot, floral, stripes, peacock feather, woodland creature (I kid you not!) prints. I haven't even got to the work clothes or shoes yet. the room will be painted soon with closet fixtures installed. I've hung a chandelier and want to make this the most funkiest girliest room that I never had (circa pretty in pink 1986).

and I want to take a photography class (already signed up for two) and spend a day at the fair.

2. do you wear a signature scent?

I have a tendency to dress by mood and I use scent the same way. I gravitate toward foody scents...almond, honey, clove, milk...and also anything smokey and woodsy. I love to mix scented oils to evoke a specific memory. for example, a blend of clove and jasmine takes me back to sultry summer nights of my youth when I would sneak out in the middle of the night and smoke clove cigarettes in the backyard. I would gaze up at the stars and wonder how my life would unfold. when I wear those scents today, I feel dreamy and slightly restless with possibility.

3. finish the sentence and expand on it: I couldn't live without...

of course I want to say love, my child, friendships, etc. but I have lived without these things for periods of time and survived. (I'm superstitious here and don't want to jinx anything, so I'm staying mute on the relationship-front.) I think it would be awful to live in poverty, but I've done that (briefly) too. it would be dreadful to live a life without curiosity or an appreciation of beautiful things. and I would be very sad if something happened to my camera. I really can't fathom how people don't have dogs, they are such loving little jesters. today, I'm fighting a cold, so my most immediate needs are yogi tea, a popsicle and my big comfy bed. I'm very grateful for what I have and those times when I didn't.

4. london, paris or rome?

london. summer 2010. (although I just took one of those silly facebook quizes which predicted I should live in paris.)

5. you have $100 to spend in one hour - what do you do/buy?

well, since it's 5:14 a.m., it will have to be this. not that I need any more printed tops, but this one would look perfect with little black capris and ballet flats, no? see?! I need a psychological! the alternative would have to be more wooden hangers.