Sunday, June 14, 2009

indulgence + discipline

it really does cost more to live la vida local. but after three+ weeks of focusing the bulk of my spending locally, I believe it is so worth it. I feel like I'm actually preparing and eating real food. this may sound silly, but it I am amazed at how I had become accustomed to tasteless crap and fake plastic food. I feel fantastic. and not only about my body, but that I've contributed to my community and supported people who are producing high quality healthy food. my shopping basket above is filled with free-range organic chicken, goat cheese, gouda, nicoise olives, lavender honey (not shown) and the best freakin' antipasti in all the world from my newest favorite local haunt, the bedford avenue butcher shop.

on the flip side, the great closet transformation of 2009 has really opened my eyes to how much money I spend on clothes, shoes, handbags, jewelry, etc. etc. etc. so get this: I am hereby vowing to forgo purchasing these things for two months*. (baby steps, I know.) I have plenty. more than plenty. and I'm becoming aware that the process has become more about acquiring and having than a desire to dress stylishly. for the past five years, I have behaved like a greedy little magpie and I need to check it. I am prepared for symptoms of withdrawal and have asked ken to pull the anthro and j.crew catalogs from the mailbox to help me resist temptation. my friends, I am on fashion hiatus. now, off to sort more clothes...

*if, by chance, I run across the perfect green 3/4 sleeve bateau neck sweater and/or brown pointy-toed alligator pumps, I will purchase...these items are on my "always on the lookout" list and I know better than to pass them up if I find them.

oh, and teal mary-janes!