Monday, June 29, 2009

mosaic monday

sixteen things I'm loving right now:
  1. girls with the guts to do pink hair;
  2. bubbles;
  3. airstream trailers, especially the bambi;
  4. carousels;
  5. mad prints (worn beautifully here by nic);
  6. bike riding;
  7. old movie houses;
  8. the tink of piano keys;
  9. rainbow sno-cones;
  10. picnics;
  11. lemonade stands;
  12. vintage cowgirl boots (or these that look vintage for a mere $1300.);
  13. the idea of a vintage motel (we all know the reality doesn't measure up);
  14. these chairs make me positively giddy;
  15. farmers markets;
  16. catching fireflies and promptly letting them free.

what's making you happy?

{please click here for flickr photographer credit.}