Friday, June 12, 2009

five senses friday

I'm all about the senses this week. Sometimes I find myself not paying attention, not living in awareness, and that is my worst fear: to get to the end of life without really experiencing it. if you're an unraveling alumni, susannah has a class set for autumn centered around exploring the senses. I cannot WAIT!!! in preparation, I'm reading this book for the bazillionth time. it never gets old. in fact, I read it a new way each time. it's probably my all time favorite book. I'm inspired to pay close attention, to live my days noticing and celebrating sensual pleasures, both tiny and grand.

  • under the glow of the moroccan lantern, late dinners are lingered over and we speak softly and romantically.
  • I can't stop reading this list. so inspiring.


  • the sound of ken's voice as he reads lines in preparation for opening night (tonight!)...the rise and fall, the emotion, the sadness. he's such a contented person in real life and to hear him express a rich range of melancholy assures me that he is so talented.
  • the sound of my own voice as I was able to tell every single one of my staff during performance evaluations that they are doing an awesome job, that I am proud. I had to give no negative evaluations (a first in my three years as supervisor!). I am over the moon with pride for the work they do!


  • I love to sit outside at night. sometimes I light candles. as much as I appreciate their flickering light, my favorite part is when I blow them out. I love the smell of smoke and sulfur mingling in the heavy night air.


  • the lightness of summer's linen, cotton, tissue tees and silk make me realize how protected I feel in winter. I'm walking through my days with a slight anxiety of exposure. and it's okay.


  • the berries! my favorite fruit! I'm having them on everything: cereal, yogurt, salads. love.
I love abby's idea to record weekly sensual pleasures on fridays. how 'bout we make it a five senses summer? read the book, loves. you won't regret it.