Friday, June 26, 2009

a three hour tour

batteau on the james, the monacan trail, walton mountain, the blue ridge, rollercoaster whoopdi-doos just inside the albemarle county line, tigerlily-lined highway, one blue raspberry slurpee, monticello, montpelier, vineyards, road bike races, shenandoah valley, a thousand roadside fireworks stands, counties called madison...culpepper...facquier, so many farms with real red barns and silos, d.c. traffic a good hour outside the city, a girl selling wildflowers, bull run and other civil and revolutionary war battlefields of less fame, near-tornado-level-thunderstorms-turned-sunny-sky in the course of 15 minutes, carloads of families doing the american history vacation...

all in the three hour drive from my house to d.c.

I ♥ virginia.