Monday, September 7, 2009

mosaic monday

since I have a wee bit of an impulse issue when it comes to shopping, nothing makes me happier (and prevents the dreaded afterspree shame) than favoriting lovely things on etsy. this way, I get to "have" before I actually buy. time goes by and if I still love them, I go ahead and purchase.

here are a few things hanging out on my list. some of them have been sold, which makes me sad, but I'm learning to accept that they were meant to belong to another girl with a heart full of wishes.
  • I live for vintage cateye glasses.
  • royal buffet rocks my world with their paper creations.
  • stacking rings in a perfect color grouping for autumn.
  • sometimes my inner ragamuffin demands to be dressed. she wants this for fall sundays strolling at farm and flea markets.
  • like carrying around a tiny bit of the ocean.
  • sometimes my inner maggie the cat demands to be dressed. I'll take that with a bourbon. straight up.
  • just yes.
  • gypsy jewels.
  • and then there's my inner audrey. she needs a new purse.

p.s. progress report here.