Sunday, September 6, 2009

sunday sweetness

every now and then I need a weekly blog commitment to keep me showing up here with some energy that is pure and forward moving. the intention is that sunday sweetness helps me to focus on the good, the profound, the stunning. sweetness is defined here as those people, things, thoughts and emotions that carry simple yet sublime and transformative beauty, experience and meaning. (since I often vent about the southern faux sugar sticky sweetness that haunts me on a daily basis, I felt a clear definition of sweet was important. look at that, I've already soiled sunday sweetness with a touch of bitter. redirect.) kind of like a sensory-linky-gratefulness fest. please join me if you'd like, the more real sweetness the better.

  • end-of-summer sunshine has a bit of a fade on its brilliance. I like that. all that work left it a bit jaded and more the wiser.
  • my hair stylist is amazing. when you have short hair, you really know how important it is to have someone who knows what they're doing.
  • rare tuna with mango salsa.
  • nurse jackie.
  • florence + the machine.
  • once again, yoga. it saves me every single time.
  • the journey to equanimity is rough. I know it's my true path because I keep coming back to it as my desired destination. I am so far away...
  • while on the rough road to equanimity, it helps when I find a three-yard remnant of gorgeous upholstery fabric (mod funky stripes!) that originally cost $75/yard for $5/yard.
  • sweet storybook abodes.
  • sweet storyteller.