Saturday, September 5, 2009


  • so far, september's astrological forecast is spot on. I have already moved into defended autopilot soldier-on mode. (you can tell by how I'm holding my mouth in this photo. mia calls it "mad mom mouth". I have no inkling of a poker face.)
  • I secretly take silly facebook quizzes. I never post them.
  • I took "which superhero are you?". the result: the amazing enigma. I like that.
  • also, I should be living in paris and I am alice cullen.
  • I couldn't make my way through the book astrid & veronika last year and now I'm struggling with the girl with the dragon tattoo. I can't think of any reason why I would carry this weird disinterest in the swedish; I figure it must be that the landscape, culture, language, names are so radically different than anything I've ever known. familiarity and emotional connection in literature is almost mandatory for me to enjoy a book. I have to be able to "see" the story. no offense to lovely sweden, I'm certain if I was born there, los angeles would appear to be alien territory.
  • or it could be that I'm just really, really disagreeable and grumpy.
  • for the last few weeks, I've have no creative energy or interest. zilch. is this what if feels like to be dead?
  • I am learning the hard way that in my town (well, maybe it's just my workplace, but I doubt it) females must be either supersweet, stupid, silent or sneaky to be successful. I'm doomed.
  • this song came on my ipod this morning while I was running. I could not stop the tears that demanded to fall. while I love when words and music radically resonate with my current situation, I much prefer this to happen in private with an ample supply of kleenex, not on a public road surrounded by the town's running population. embarrassing.
  • tune in next week to see the how the amazing enigma escapes her funk and paints rainbows and butterflies throughout the land.