Thursday, September 24, 2009

view finder

last spring when I discovered this sweet soul was teaching a through-the-viewfinder photography class at squam, all ambivalence about attending was squelched. I've long admired ttv images for their blur, scratches, and unexpected flashes of light but found myself challenged time and time again to make it work. no better way to learn than from the master. the little magic genius brought bright colorful props across the country to the woods of new hampshire. I just love her.

this class was the high-point of "formal" learning for me at squam. it was also nice to discover that hula is just as beautiful, friendly and down-to-earth funky in real life as she represents online. and another type of learning was taking place for me in my other classes and just existing in the magnificence of squam and with its people.

I learned from lovely gentle wise jen that my protected heart may be necessary right now just as the candy-coated shell of an m&m makes sense. she just let me be.

I learned from my girls in wayonda that friendships can happen in an instant. that kindred spirits find each other and the right people show up at just the right time.

I learned that my view of the world has shifted ever so softly.

I seek and view resonance and truth and vibrancy and connection. I love the view through my lens: it has a bit of a blur, some scratches and unexpected flashes of light.