Monday, September 21, 2009

hello campers

welcome to squam.

this is a magical place where you will shed layers of constriction and fear. here you have permission to be open and joyful and safe. you are now free to explore and take your alter-ego/inner artist/childlike soul out for a ride.

for a few days, you will meander through a labyrinth of wooded paths speckled by the autumn sun trickling through a canopy of trees. the soundtrack for this weekend includes the amazing songs of loons, laughter, musical love and the muffled delight of the dance party at the cabin next door.

girls with cameras...all kinds of cameras...will be a familiar sight. we love our photographs here at squam.

make some art.

make a beautiful sparkly mess.

celebrate that which you create.

each cabin is filled to its knotty pine rafters with summer-campy nostalgia, lifelong friends and magnificent views.

you have your own pier suitable for yoga at sunrise...

...and collaborative stargazing in the pitch black of night {no. 21 off the list!}.

you will meet amazing women with so much courage and talent and beauty it will make your heart burst.

go on ahead and play.

did I mention girls with cameras?

oh and by the way, I need to warn you about the air here: it's filled with this magical energy that will soak your entire being with light and love and risk and trust and friendship and art. please consider it a gift to you, a souvenir to carry with you forever and always.