Wednesday, December 3, 2008

forty four

that's a good number.

I've been inspired by lovely ms. hula to create a list of things to do in this year.
  1. enjoy a concert or two {yes!}
  2. rehab the art studio {not even close...}
  3. plant more peonies and dahlias for armloads come summer {accomplished the "more" part, maybe not so much "armloads"...}
  4. inspiration wall {done.}
  5. send gifts for no reason {working on this...}
  6. enter a photo contest
  7. have a dinner party
  8. photograph a baby or a baby bump {oh baby w}
  9. the dressing room {almost there.}
  10. make strawberry cupcakes {I think lemon french macarons meet this criteria nicely.}
  11. see a movie at a drive-in
  12. teach simon a trick {he uses his indoor voice...well, sometimes.}
  13. sit in the sand and be with the ocean
  14. finish the dining room {fini!}
  15. get a photo of the giant woodpecker
  16. make a quilt
  17. explore two american cities
  18. purge and donate {does this ever get completed?}
  19. visit two museums
  20. go to the zoo
  21. see the milky way {fabulously so: lying under a bowl of stars with my cabinmates, squam lake lapping at the pier and loons crying in the distance.}
  22. read three classics
  23. do more yoga {so yes!}
  24. hike crabtree falls
  25. summer backyard party {does one husband and three dogs make a party? I think so.}
  26. ride my bike
  27. buy a piece of art
  28. make a piece of art {lots and lots and lots...}
  29. start/join a book club {did it. love it.}
  30. foreign cinema {some.}
  31. sundays at the flea market {some.}
  32. cook a meal worthy of le creuset {working on this...}
  33. have a picnic
  34. rollerskate
  35. write a poem
  36. travel abroad
  37. teach {loved it but did something even more important: learned.}
  38. belly dance
  39. make paella
  40. meet a new friend {yes!}
  41. reconnect with an old friend {and yes!}
  42. make a valentine for my valentine {oui!}
  43. a yard circled in jasmine and honeysuckle {getting there...}
  44. lighten up {I think so.}

forty four, I'm happy to meet you.