Monday, December 1, 2008

mosaic monday

this one is pure self-indulgence, with a huge measure of magical thinking.
my birthday/christmas wish list:
  1. collecting a rainbow of le creuset; need the perfect blue
  2. intrigued by the juxtaposition of modern cube and romantic pearls
  3. curious girl ♥s lulu
  4. for my little bohemian living room: this mirror
  5. and this pair of funky chairs
  6. very robin hood and his merry men
  7. chocolate truffle, please
  8. charley harper memory cards
  9. perfect paisley
  10. I like looking at other peoples' homes
  11. this tiny treasure
  12. for the art studio
  13. too many electronics in my bag; must consolidate
  14. oh my. pure rainbow stripey goodness
  15. L, please
  16. that’s right, all four of them