Wednesday, December 31, 2008

curious girl ♥ curious pillows

head over heels for these quirky little bags of fluff from bonjour mon coussin.

over the last few days, I have been emptying random pillows around the house of their fluff, to provide to our woodland friends. I realized that I have quite a collection of pillows.

the funny thing is that the pillows I have stored away represent different stages of living for me. homemade velvet patchwork represents the little bohemian girl with no money from the 90s. I went through an exotic phase and collected several pillows made of bright and shiny saris. there are stars, stripes, solids, paisleys. I'm perplexed by the white eyelet; perhaps from a time buried so deep in my psyche that its memory is not accessible. I think I want to make a quilt of these pieces of my history.