Monday, December 29, 2008

mosaic monday

yesterday I was sitting outside staring into the forest (I know, so very industrious!) and I watched a little squirrel family move house. apparently, they were evicted from one tree or otherwise found it unsatisfactory and were busy making a nest in a tree right next door. they had a little system where one guy would hunt for the perfect leaves, frantically scouring the trees, detaching small branches with leaves and running it back to the hollow of the tree. the other guy would wait at the "door", accept the branch and disappear inside for some unknown nesting ritual. all I could think was how I love my bed and am so happy that I don't have to sleep on old scratchy dried leaves. I found some pillow filler inside and left it on the fence for them to find. it was gone this morning.

so the entire point of this story is that I am so grateful for my home. in addition to the best bed ever, it is full of things that I love like color, books, dogs, coffee, candles, music, flowers and love.

and have a peek at the narci wall. how it's grown! remember when it was just a wee bairn?

happy monday, dear ones.