Friday, December 5, 2008

your opinion please (and a giveaway!)


many thanks for your votes and wise advice. big floral/paisley is the big winner in the election (and truly, probably where I'll go with this). stay tuned for more updates on the curious chairs.

lucky number 9 was the winner of the drawing...drumroll please...

traveling.... in huis en erbuiten, email me with your mailing address and I'll get your lovely book to you.

thanks for playing everyone! giveaways are fun...many more to come!


last week I scored six midcentury modern teak chairs for my (casual) dining room. for years I have been searching for a matching set that fell within my budget. I'm overcome with ideas for upholstery and I need your help to narrow down the fabric search:

the first chair is nearly identical to my six (I also have two captains). other photos here show a variety of midcentury designs to give an example of the clean simple lines of the furniture with the five types of fabric/patterns I'm interested in:
  1. leather or vinyl (in black, cream, teal or apple green)
  2. classic tweed or boucle (surprise, I'm liking the multicolor tweed)

  3. geometrics (black & white or that amazing zig-zag)

  4. stripes
  5. big bright floral/paisley

see the poll in the sidebar? please cast your vote*. in addition, if you leave a comment with your selection and/or further thoughts, you will be entered in my very first giveaway. the lucky winner will receive a brand spanking new copy of tricia guild's inspiration. comments are open until 6:00pm est sunday, december 7. you'll need to leave a comment in addition to your vote to be in the giveaway.

*I ask for and value your input because I know that each of you has an exceptional artistic eye and fantastic style. however, my dining room is not a democracy; it is a monarchy and I am the queen. as the queen, I reserve all privilege to rule against the majority.