Sunday, December 21, 2008

light at the end of the week

the winter solstice has arrived. time to slow down, rest, nest, recoup, nurture. I love how nature gently forces us to do these things even when our lives want to stay in overdrive and resist the season of slow.

it was a decent week in my quest to lighten up. I spent some time exploring reasons and ways to let go and just be. more healthy food found its way to my mouth and I found ways to increase movement throughout week. the result: me, two pounds lighter and feeling a bit more grounded, yet still searching.

yesterday I got to help deliver christmas food and gifts to local families. my part was so very small in comparison to the massive commitment made by the lovely people at holy cross church and sweet meggan; still a beautiful reminder that giving is restorative and essential for a light soul.

I explored light with my camera, mostly through studying how light affects subjects. the week was a bit dark and dreary, with few opportunities to play with natural light. today's photos are of yesterday's sunrise over our little forest, taken from my backyard. an hour after this technicolor drama played out, the sky decided it would be another black and white day.

this coming week, the journey to light continues:

yoga, walking and healthy food choices and maybe even a visit to the gym (jeez, it's been awhile!)

explore the blurring of christmas lights with my camera.

have some fun on hideous christmas sweater day at work and find new ways to increase laughter at the office.