Sunday, September 13, 2009

sunday sweetness

this sunday is much sweeter than last. on friday, I (kind of) cleaned off my desk, set the out-of-office reply on my email and delegated my general vessel-of-crap-and-horror duties to my senior staff for ten days. as of this sunday morning at 7am, I can feel the grip beginning to release. it generally takes a few days for the shell of protection to melt away before I can feel truly open and safe.

here are a few things accelerating the melt:
  • yesterday, I roamed the art store with my squam supply list. I felt like a little kid doing back-to-school shopping. the paints and artist palette scare me a bit, I've never really done a painting. nonetheless, I felt all artist-y, which is so much better than vessel-of-crap-and-horror-y.
  • sweet little girls with a homemade lemonade stand on the corner.
  • this plaid hat. I need this. badly.
  • feeling sweet anticipation for this movie.
  • friday night, I believe I actually saw the faint outlines of the milky way!
  • susannah introduced me to style statement and I have to say that I love this book. I really want to get the consultation too; it might be on my birthday wish list. anyway, the book is a lovely exploration of the authentic you, with the premise being that the more you are living your real life and being your real self, the more natural every aspect of your life will fit and flow and be projected onto others. through a series of questions (I'll share some at a later date because I love the questions) you discover a pair of words that truly form the essence of who you are. the first word is really your core, your values, your true self and forms 80% of you. the second word is what you give to the world through your actions, your style, your art, your expression.
  • I am: genuine. bold.
  • I believe these sweet shoes express genuine and bold, no?
  • speaking of susannah, I am grateful for a spot in her new exploring the senses class. can't wait! and jeez did you ever have to be johnny-on-the-spot to secure a place. I am so happy for her success.
  • I got this because I get very dehydrated on the plane. I love the packaging on all philosophy products, but this one really spoke to me: "your soul is timeless, ageless, and free of all physical boundaries and limitations. your soul is not subject to illness, discrimination or grief. your true home is a spiritual mansion where hope springs eternal. you are your own fountain of youth."

on that lovely note, I wish you all a sweet and sunny sunday.