Friday, January 8, 2010

five senses friday*

  • rainbows everywhere
  • winter sunrises
  • the most perfect purple-red of passion tea


  • the happy chatter of the downtown work crowd at the new woolworth's-style lunch counter
  • sawing and hammering and drilling and whistling coming from the workroom. I don't know what he's making in there but it's bound to be useful or beautiful.


  • baby head
  • a whiff of a clove cigarette that launched me back to 1982


  • the soft thaw of chilly fingers once they are wrapped around a hot mug of goodness
  • cashmere socks (how did I ever live without cashmere socks? it's a mystery.)

  • clementines (te quiero espaƱa)
  • darjeeling with almond milk & honey

this first full week of a new decade was filled with subtle and quiet sensory goodness. I hope yours was the same. happy weekend loves.

*thank you abby for fsf.