Sunday, January 31, 2010


it's no secret I had a bad week. the exhaustion and anxiety overwhelmed me (don't you hate it when those two tag team?). nothing was moving me forward except the thought of a weekend filled with yoga class, some shopping, cooking, art, photography and a screening of pretty in pink. for some reason, the blizzard buried any hope of achieving these things, even though every single one of them can be accomplished without leaving the house.

maybe I just needed to be angry at something much bigger than myself. that way I could feel like the underdog, the little guy, the wee scrapper who no one expected to fight the fight and win.

this morning I woke up remarkably sulk-free. it lifted, whatever it was. so today on this snowy sunny sunday, I will:
  • kiss my husband first thing when he wakes and thank him for so aptly tending to her royal highness of bitchiness and sullenness.
  • drink lots of hot tea that fills my nose with the scent of roses.
  • play in the snow.
  • purchase a pair of sandals, because I'm done with winter and want to look forward. maybe I will wear them around the house for the next few months and pretend.
  • have an afternoon date with andie and duckie and iona and the psychedelic furs.
  • for dinner: chicken with picholine olives and pine nuts.
  • be grateful for a beautiful life.
happy sunday friends.