Monday, February 1, 2010

all we need

hello february. I'd like to talk to you a bit about your weird (and very limited) focus on things of the heart. in elementary school, I loved making valentines out of red construction paper, doilies and glitter. I especially loved it when my mom let me give the store-bought snoopy version. but during my single days, I found your pressure to be in a couple and the in-your-faceness of romance a bit nauseating. now that I have a loving partner, I'm stunned every year when I hear other people talk about v-day as if it is the only day of the year they are treated dearly by the ones who love them.

so I propose that you become more inclusive and user-friendly. be about all kinds of love, not just romance between a couple. there are so many versions of love and ways to love and things that we love and that love us in return. let's celebrate love with a capital L.

a really good thing about you february, is that you are short. you're a good month to take on the nablopomo challenge. I'm in. but I'm going to focus each post on love, rather than the suggested theme.

I hope my blogging friends join me; the more love the better.