Friday, February 19, 2010

(not) loving

  • the sound of way too many questions, distortions, duplicitous comments
  • the pressured sound of my own voice in reply
  • the chatter inside my head
  • last week I wondered aloud if five years from now I would look back and the signs that I should move on to different work would seem so very obvious...since then the universe has smacked me in the face with so very obvious signs
  • and now I'm trying to ignore them

one of the things I love about winter is its silence. but that very silence makes noisy times all the more frenetic for me.


the very thing I love about our land of blog is that communication is accomplished through words and images and is very very quiet. I always feel I can come here and not have to be prepared to be pulled apart by problems and requests and ugliness. when I was a little girl, the library is where I went to experience the same level of safety and happiness. I'm grateful we've created a space such as this.