Monday, February 22, 2010

holding on to weekend love

what? it's monday already? I hope you had a beautiful weekend. mine was quiet (yay!) and quite lovely in a noneventful way. even though I am very rested, my mind and heart full of love and inspiration from visiting your blogs and hours of reading, I am always surprised at the weight in the air come monday morning. the pressure increases and thoughts of dealing seep in. dealing. I'm beginning to realize that that my own energy is the source of the heaviness and not some atmospheric disturbance.

every monday I vow to carry some lightness from the weekend with me through the week. inevitably, it's dissipated by 10am, replaced by decisions, chaos, uncontrolled emotions of others. nevertheless, I am committed to keep trying. here are the bits of light and love coming to work with me today:

  • nuzzling nose to nose with an albino pit bull terrier with a head bigger than mine; his giant gentleness warmed my heart.
  • sweet pixie posted this video on facebook, please take a look, you won't regret it.
  • reading in the sunshine. not the warmest of sunshine, but sunshine nonetheless. I haven't been able to do this in months.
  • thought a lot about balance. after writing yesterday's post, I was amazed that I associated the word stillness with balance. balance is one of the least passive states we can achieve.
  • I've been having wild dreams every night for a few weeks. curiously, in each one, I briefly visit a location from my childhood (some of which I had forgotten).
  • have decided that ultraviolet is going to be my new color for spring. talk about balance: the fire of red mixed with the calm of blue. yes, that's what I'm going for. I started with these.
  • kheer and darjeeling tea. I do believe that this combo results in the ultimate comfort.

what will you be taking with you to work this week?