Tuesday, February 23, 2010

odd love song

when it comes to love songs, I tend toward the quirky and wordy. all that celine dion drama is a bit too heavy for me (even though I have enjoyed a grandiose voicy ballad here and there). since I started this love month, I've known I would post about love songs, so I've thought a lot about them, which ones resonate and why.

the narrowed-down list includes songs that aren't love songs per se, but songs that put me in the memory: the kiss, the dance, the drive down the coast, the fight, the heartbreak. yet I kept coming back to one song that wasn't a part of my own story but about remembering and longing and celebrating and moving on. I love this song for its poetry and its music and its connection to the freedom of youth. I love the video for its imagery...being solitary in your loneliness even while surrounded by friends...and the familiarity of the southern california house party. I love it because I've actually "drove out to the desert to lie down beneath a bowl of stars" and danced in the palace (now the avalon) with a boy I was wildly in love with. and, like most counting crows songs, it just seems so very intimate, flowing from a very personal experience.

okay, research time: what's your favorite love song? post a link if you'd like, I'm in the mood for some music.

p.s. did you see giada at the party (about 3/4 way in)?