Sunday, February 21, 2010

learning to love balance

I so admire people who seem to float through life with relative ease: calm without being numb, assertive without being loud, kind while still being truthful. people who are balanced amaze me. since I am one who tends toward the extremes, being (or shall I say appearing?) balanced demands a significant amount of energy from me, so I know that "ease" is not always part of the deal.

in yoga, I can achieve balance. while others in the class wobble and fall, I can maintain stillness in the pose. so I was thinking about the principles applied in yoga and if they would also apply to life and emotional balance:
  • know and see in your mind's eye the pose you are going to execute►be clear in intention
  • solidly root and ground your body►operate from a position of truth and love
  • move into the pose step by step►be deliberate with words and language
  • once in the pose, locate and focus on one thing with your eyes►maintain presence in the exchange; listen
  • feel for and engage areas of counterbalance►consider alternatives; remain open
  • be strong►be fearless
  • be steady►accept disagreement
  • be the pose (eagle, dolphin, firefly, halfmoon)►be genuine and beautiful
  • hold the pose►take the time to achieve equilibrium
  • breathe►breathe

I was right, balance is hard work. but I know I must work at it until I get it right. practice, practice, practice; just like in yoga.