Sunday, February 28, 2010

what I learned about love

a little list of gems culled from a month of pondering and blogging about love:
  • love comes in many forms, no one greater than the rest (family, friendships, romantic partnerships, parenting, work, art, animals, home, beauty, etc.)
  • love has done its work if we live in and can leave these forms a soul changed for the better
  • love arrives when we least expect it
  • love opens and fills the defended
  • love requires bravery and vulnerability at the same time
  • love stories inspire me to live in love
  • love is ultimately about acceptance and forgiveness
  • love is alive and well and can warm a heart even through comments typed on a blog
  • I love you and you and you and you. oh, and you too.
  • I love the month of march ♥