Sunday, January 3, 2010

rainbow clouds & other things

so I'm driving down the highway yesterday on my way to the architectural salvage store and look up to see this amazing sky. since I was totally clueless how clouds could make rainbows, I indulged a fleeting moment of pure narcissism and felt the sky was painted just for me (only later did the internet smash my glory to inform me that rainbow clouds are an atmospheric phenom that occur when the angle of the sun is just so to refract the ice crystals in the clouds....apparently very rare). stunning, no? you really never know when life is going gobsmack you with greatness.

in other news, I've happily succumbed to the new year "gotta have a word or a list" frenzy. this year, there is no grand list of 45 things, I've kept it pretty simple with things that I already know enrich my life beyond beyond and a few things to stretch a bit. so here it is: the somewhat-pared-down-but-still-super-duper list for the year. and the word, the word is beautiful. {actually there are two words because I couldn't decide; the other one is fearless.}

  1. sunday supper: work my way through my cookbook collection one beautiful meal a week {yes, I finally saw julie & julia and was way inspired}
  2. yoga+pilates+local+organic {because these things just work}
  3. talk like a parisian
  4. sew {a skirt, a duvet cover, a pouf}
  5. discover new flea markets and vintage shops
  6. drive north to montreal or south to new orleans {or both}
  7. dress more like the quirky girl I am {even at work}
  8. share sweet lingering kisses with my mister
  9. explore classic diners and vintage movie theatres
  10. see and share a little bit of beauty each and every day

do you have a word or words to inspire you for the year? I want to know!