Wednesday, January 6, 2010

the trouble with lisa

it's all good to focus on moving forward, our strengths and all things positive. but I truly believe in order to get there, that place called who we want to be, we have to see (really see) and look at some of the things that may be holding us back. sometimes it's easier to do this in the third person (more objective); so here are some things that may be weighing lisa down:
  1. her capacity for critical analysis is astounding: quick, incisive, accurate. this may serve her well if she were a physicist for NASA or serving a term on the supreme court. alas, in everyday life in virginia, it just makes her look like a bitch. a smart bitch, but a bitch nonetheless.
  2. she curses like a sailor. one of those old-timey sailors with a really cool bluebird tattoo on his chest and an eyepatch and a love of good scotch.
  3. she can't keep her mouth shut. couple that with often saying the things people don't want to hear and you've got yourself a winner. and a girl who's not invited to meetings.
  4. she often fantasizes about being an heiress or a princess and then secretly resents her parents, her third-grade teacher and the fact that she was born on a thursday because she has to work for a living.
  5. she blows off yoga for mexican food in a heartbeat.
  6. she does not enjoy vegetables.
  7. she has been known to throw a temper tantrum.
  8. she loves (loves!) to plan and start; finish, not so much.
  9. she is incredibly, mind-blowingly impatient.
  10. her heart can be heavily defended at times. she sees and has seen much suffering in her little world, particularly in children. she knows there are really bad people out there. she gets protective. she gets defensive. she's challenged with leaving it at the office.
ok, there's more, but that's the gist. these are things I'm constantly working on. sometimes it feels like I don't make much progress. mostly because these characteristics are who I am. I'm working on moderation and containment.
are you ready to take a (careful, gentle, with humor) look at what may be holding you back from achieving all you want this year? I invite you to comment with one thing that may keep you from shining and then make a plan (plan!) to begin to change it.