Tuesday, January 19, 2010

sunshine is a state of mind

the cold grey days of winter can bring about in me a yearning to retreat and cocoon. actually, that's putting it mildly. I have an alterego...a very introverted loner...who lives for the months of january and february. she likes to get all cozy and comfy and warm and spend time alone. funny, I've always associated her with sullenness and someone in need of one of those weird winter lights that make you happy. but she was here this weekend enjoying the bright sunshine and the mild weather and she was all shy smiles and quiet laughter as she delighted in sunsoaked summery colors that popped up everywhere she looked.

turns out she can get her summer on as well as the next guy. she was quite inspired. she sat in the sun and wrote and dreamed and wrote some more. her ability to remain quiet and still and listen astounds me. a subtle version of happy-go-lucky, that's her.

I rather like her.

{all of these summery photos were shot this past weekend, yes january weekend, in the beautiful sunshine state of virginia.}