Monday, November 15, 2010

today i am grateful for

little scenes.

ever since childhood i've set up tiny collections of goodness around my space.  it started with a wee pink pig wearing overalls that i painted in a ceramics class.  he was carefully placed among flintstones jelly jars filled with water and flowers picked from the yard. 

in my early twenties when money was scarce, it was a collage of images cut from magazines and thriftstore books then taped to my closet door.  this montage served as an inspiration board before i knew what that meant.  i would lie in bed and stare and dream and plan and heal and smile.

when i first started making a real income, the scenes got a little out of control.  i started accumulating way too many objects.  like a crazed magpie, i hunted for and acquired anything shiny and new and trendy.

today the little scenes are pared down to the essence of their personal meaning:  a bit of memory, a touch of wish and a whole lot of beauty.  each one makes me very happy.