Sunday, May 27, 2012

one hundred things i love {51-60}

51. the wee patio outside my kitchen door.  here lives a little herb garden, ivy growing wild and free and the rusty old blue schwin.
52. chai and rainbows.
53. that i can be in a total loser mood and force myself to think about ten things i love and the funk shifts.  just like that.
54.  heading to the karma garden first thing in the morning to water.  the combination of silence and growth makes it my favorite way to start a day.
55. wanderlust.  currently dissonantly dreaming about india and disneyland and dollywood and letting the pacific rush over me.
56.  my husband has the best voice.  seriously, sometimes he can be talking about our stock portfolio or mowing the lawn or taking the dog to the vet and i get all swoony.
57.  he reads to me in bed.  i am lucky.
58.  striped maxi skirts. 
59.  eating vegetarian.  because i can live on falafel and avocado and sweet potatoes.
60.  the traditional mennonite families that sell their fruit and veg and pie at the farmers market.  they have a quiet and solid presence that is so rare.  i am intrigued by their way of life.