Sunday, June 3, 2018

six senses sunday

the flower garden at spikenard bee sanctuary


  • the beauty and vision of spikenard bee sanctuary in floyd, virginia
  • i've been documenting wildflowers on walks and hikes for the past few weeks.  it's incredible how many more you see when you are tuned in to their existence.


  • rain, rain, and more rain.
  • my luca dog has gone mostly deaf so he barks all the time now to make sure he covers all his bases.  


  • that shot of ozone scent after all the rain.
  • everything smells positively mossy.  
  • lavender leaves crushed between my fingers.
  • gardenia blooms and the last of the honeysuckle, so strong and sweet it makes me swoon a bit.


  • weaving plant material on the garden loom.
  • hands in so much dirt.


  • homemade honeysuckle ice cream 
  • a good old-fashioned moon pie while taking a roadtrip break in fancy gap, virginia


  • a soft sense of moving in the right direction.
  • the grace of easing up.
  • a sense of safety, knowing folks care.

* * * * *