Saturday, June 21, 2008

inspired by

sunset magazine is an instant connection to my california roots delivered monthly to my virginia postbox.

this morning, I dragged my uninspired self out to sit in the morning sun for a dose of vitamin d and opened it's pages to find this incredible inspiration. three women ages 99 to 102 talking about their lives, their histories, their philosphies and the habits that have helped them live a happy and healthy century.

here's some of the things they have in common other than living in the west:
  1. walking (I'm working on it)
  2. gardening (check)
  3. free spirit (check)
  4. nourishment straight from the farm (working on it)
  5. connecting with people (in my line of work, this can be difficult, as I get a bit too much of people on a daily basis; need to make time to connect with the like-minded)
  6. living at a slower pace (probably never going to happen, but will give it a shot)

the thought that I have 50+ years to integrate and increase these things in my life is inspiring. I'm starting today.

what types of things do you do to support a long and beautiful life?