Saturday, June 7, 2008

things I like about my job #6

so this week I returned to the office after a few glorious days of vacation. I always suffer from vacation withdrawal and the re-entry into my everyday life is often difficult for me. I struggle with the opposite aspects of my life. I relish openness, creativity, beauty and freedom but work in a field confined by strict laws and regulation, shadowed by the ugliest side of the human condition (child abuse).

I had a discussion with my boss about my yearning to work in an environment more suited to me. he was supportive and offered some really good points (like moving on should occur only to grow and expand, not to run away from something). then he offered to work with me to develop my position and unit into something more creative and expansive, that continues to meet the needs of our community, but that provides a better fit for me. how cool is that?