Monday, June 2, 2008

love city

philadelphia was a gracious host to two hyper girls who love to talk, shop, eat and people-watch. krista and I spent a few days there this weekend and had a great time. I found the city to be more user-friendly than nyc and with all the fabulous things cities offer: diversity, history, quick pace, arts, shopping (hello four floors of anthropologie!) and food. here's a snapshot of our long weekend in the city of brotherly love:

  1. reflecting pool in rittenhouse square
  2. bikes everywhere (love it!)
  3. raspberry pancakes at marathon grill on spruce
  4. spruce street market
  5. the clock @ reading terminal
  6. the LOVE sculpture
  7. beautiful avenue on a brilliant day
  8. murals everywhere you look
  9. alma de cuba, site of the best meal of my life (not kidding!)
  10. our photos taken in the photobooth at el vez
  11. more bikes
  12. metropolitan bakery (paris or phila?)
  13. el vez entrance and outdoor dining
  14. reading terminal market
  15. chess at rittenhouse square
  16. diner stools @ reading market

to see photos full size, visit my flickr site

on the b-side: open air crack smokers on my morning trot to starbucks and a (presumed) dead man in a doorway spotted from the double-decker tour bus.