Saturday, June 14, 2008

proud to be a quitter

I ran across the idea to make this list somewhere today and now can't locate the site to give credit. it resonated with me because I'm playing around with the idea of quitting a few things and wanted to reflect on times I have been a quitter with confidence and determination and it worked out for the better.

things I have quit:
  • bad boys (musicians, moody artists, substance abusers, etc.)
  • plastic grocery bags
  • living according to someone else's idea of who I should be
  • needing to be a size six
  • being messy and unorganized

things I will never quit:

  • coffee
  • cussing like a sailor
  • impatient driving
  • laughing inappropriately
  • shopping as my drug of choice

it seems like the key to successful quitting is having one or more alternatives in the wings that are healthier, happier choices.