Tuesday, June 3, 2008

oh, the lushness

a good chunk of our roadtrip to philadelphia involved spending time at terrain in concordville, pa (we stopped by on the way to the city and on the way home). I first heard about anthropologie's exploration into the garden business on oh joy's blog and am forever grateful. the shop is pure bliss for garden-color-party-design-funkiness junkies like myself. this is how good it is: it's a five hour drive from my home and I plan to return at least twice before winter sets in. see for yourself...

in true anthropologie spirit, this shopping destination is the perfect mix of beauty+function+uniqueness. there is a cafe in the greenhouse with a menu that reflects the fresh surroundings, or you can stroll through the grounds sipping mint iced tea and just taking it all in. fingers are crossed for new locations to open soon.