Saturday, June 7, 2008

what color is your personality?

who loves a quiz?
I sure do. the narcissist in me never tires of answering random questions about myself and allowing some bizarre calculation define me. the color quiz at pittsburg paints asks sensory questions to determine which color groups best suit you.

my results indicate that I fall under the categories of "al fresco" and "tapestry & mosaic". this is mostly accurate and illustrates the inherent split of my sensory preferences and personality: fresh, bright and alive alternating with dark, moody and exotic.

with these results in mind, I did a little window shopping and added the following goodies to my wishlist.

for the sunny, al fresco side of me, ceramic tables from pottery barn and mojito glasses and a muddler from z gallerie.

for my darker, cozier side, two beauties from tracy porter: