Wednesday, March 4, 2009

the b-list

beautiful brunette leslie invited readers to create a list of ten words starting with a letter randomly selected by her. these words, all starting with the humble letter b, make me smile and feel good on my tongue:

  • bijoux. more poetic than 'jewelry', it captures the essence of adornment.

  • begin. so much promise, so much energy, so much yet to unfold.

  • bangers and birds. quirky british slang that transforms sausages and girls into absolute sauciness. bob's your uncle.

  • buddha. just because.

  • bicicleta. it's fun to say. go on, try it.

  • basquiat. as in jean-michel.

  • barista. my favorite person in the morning.

  • barcelona. I love it when the name totally fits the destination.

  • bohemian. freedom, creativity, acceptance, growth, possibility, funkiness.

  • bravo!