Saturday, March 14, 2009

unravel + reveal

so I'm currently loving the e-course unravelling. normally when I participate in long term (and for me, that means more than one session) groups or projects, I become bored quickly and eager to move on (yeah, that whole impulsive thingy-ma-jig I got going on). but dear susannah has a knack for this whole self-discovery leadership role she's brilliantly moved in to. the assignments are perfectly paced and just enough to engage and provoke without being all dr. freud or mary starshine. then there are the fellow unravellers: the support and enthusiasm in this diverse group is genuine. add to all this the benefit of practicing photography, writing and other artistic mediums and we have got a winner ladies and gentlemen.

we're halfway through and I'm intrigued by my tendency to represent the positive in photos and save the dark bits for my writing. I also must say that I feel a shift in myself that is good and solid and true. and contrary to my regular speedy style, I feel the need to sit here a while and soak it all up. I want to say to you, if you are not currently unravelling, please visit susannah and explore the possibilities.

if you'd like, you can see my evolving flickr set for the group here.